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We’re at a crossroads in

human development.

History will judge us harshly if we continue on a reckless path of fossil fuel exploitation that is unequivocally damaging our planet.

Green Hydrogen energy is an entirely sustainable, much cleaner and therefore a socially more ethical way to power the globe. The technology & resources to produce it viably are available now.

Working with governments and partners,  JER Group are at the vanguard of  initiatives on the African continent designed to produce Green Hydrogen energy at scale.

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Green Hydrogen for futureproof energy

Fully sustainable

The only natural resources required to produce Green Hydrogen are sunshine & water, making it by far the most sustainable energy source.

Zero carbon emissions

Unlike Grey Hydrogen, which requires the burning of fossil fuels in its production process, Green Hydrogen's only by product is Oxygen, and so it is truly 'clean' energy.,

Africa is the primary focus for JER Group

It’s the ‘sunshine continent’

Africa is rich in the only two natural resources needed for Green Hydrogen production, i.e. sunshine & water.

With over 40% of the worlds solar energy reserves, a 30,500 kilometre coastline and 30M sq km of land, Africa is ideally suited for Green Energy production.

Political & social alignment

Green Hydrogen offers African nations the opportunity to be leading players in the new global ‘green economy’ and it ticks many boxes in terms of increased inward investment plus improvements in social infrastructure.

Comparing Grey, Blue & Green H2

Grey Hydrogen

Currently, 95% of H2 produced globally is Grey Hydrogen, which requires the burning of fossil fuels to create – but for every 1KG of Grey Hydrogen produced, up to 12KG of Carbon is also created, making it arguably only a circa 8% clean energy source.

Blue Hydrogen

Using Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage (CCUS) solutions, ‘Grey’ can become ‘Blue’ Hydrogen and is therefore considerably more desirable as it can reduce net carbon emissions down to circa 3KG for every 1KG of Hydrogen produced.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is produced using solar or wind energy to power electrolysers that extract the hydrogen molecules in water, creating only Oxygen as a by-product, making Green Hydrogen a 100% sustainable clean energy source.