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Zero-carbon energy

JER Group is a UK-based zero-emissions energy company operating at the vanguard of Green Hydrogen (GH) production initiatives, focused primarily on the African continent, with strategies already in place in Mozambique and South Africa.

We have over 22,000 ha of land...

either owned or under our control for the use of Green Hydrogen production facilities.

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We are planning 24GW of GH production...

by 2026 - that's enough to power over 10 million UK-standard homes.

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Projected production revenues of £30BN...

which could increase by 500% based on projects currently in the pipeline.

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How Green Hydrogen is created

Solar or wind energy powers electrolysers that separate the Hydrogen (H2) molecules from the Oxygen in water, creating pure Green Hydrogen with no harmful by-products.

The H2 can be stored locally or pumped via pipelines to distribution centres before being transported by land or sea. The graphic below is a useful guide.

Comparing Grey, Blue & Green H2

Grey Hydrogen

Currently, 95% of H2 produced globally is Grey Hydrogen,  which requires the burning of fossil fuels to create – but for every 1KG of Grey Hydrogen produced, up to 12KG of Carbon is also created, making it arguably only a circa 8% clean energy source.

Blue Hydrogen

Using Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage (CCUS) solutions, ‘Grey’ can become ‘Blue’ Hydrogen and is therefore considerably more desirable as it can reduce net carbon emissions down to circa 3KG for every 1KG of Hydrogen produced.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is produced using solar or wind energy to power electrolysers that extract the hydrogen molecules in water, creating only Oxygen as a by-product, making Green Hydrogen a 100% sustainable clean energy source.